About Us

by hopez

[vc_row][vc_column width=”4/6″][vc_column_text]HOPEZ MAGAZINE is a bespoke publication that specialises in identifying and promoting talents and brands in the African Fashion industry. The Magazine’s overriding philosophy is to bring the unique, highly creative but often under celebrated African fashion designs and brands to the world through the magazine medium.
The Magazine, though fashion focused, cover other aspects of the African social life as well. Segments like “Inspiration” features inspirational stories of determination, doggedness and willpower of extraordinary people, who through limiting circumstances, strive to succeed in their chosen areas of work. “Africa To The World” celebrates unique African fashion brands that have conquered their local markets and are now on the global market – highlighting the qualities that make them thick in their craft. “Hopez World” celebrates the strides of the African fashion diva Hopez and her many fashion and social projects. Men in the House focuses on men’s fashion and the faces behind the brands.
The Magazine is unique both in its focus as well as in target audience. The content is fiercely African but the target audience is global. Published both online in PDF format as well as in print form, it is a viable platform for brands and personalities in the African Fashion market. We also cover events both within and outside the continent of Africa and we are always open to partner with brands in the ever evolving and exciting fashion industry.


HOPEZ MAGAZINE is a publication of HopezTude Nigeria Limited.

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